Women's kratos tee
The popular Red Kratos Tee is now available in Women's Classic Tee.
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Demi Tier Hoodie
Check out the Atalanta Demi Midweight Hoodie in Black or Gold
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back for a limited time
The Icarus Olympian Hoodie is back in store and on sale! Get in early before the cold kicks in. Limited numbers available.
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Women's Kratos Tee
The popular Red Kratos Tee is now available for Women. Limited numbers
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New Arrivals
The Demi Tier Premium French Terry Hoodie.
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heavyweight sweater
Yes our very first sweater release. Available in Ecru or White Marle.
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Series One
Series One is the Original LGND Collection. You will find our Trademarked slogan “Born to be” along with our earliest items.
Trailblazer Series
Genuine. Motivated. Inspired. Our Trailblazer Series advocates for the authentic. The real. The raw. The movers and shakers who are blazing a path forward for us all. We see you;...


The Atalanta Pack is about Free Spririt and Determination.
The Kratos 2020 Pack is about Power, it’s about strength.
The LGND Born to be Icarus pack is about confidence, setting goals and shooting for the sun.

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